Singacoustic 5, Santa Monica, CA 5/4/2023

Shelley Segal

Raised in her father’s Klezmer (traditional jewish folk) band she incorporates many of those early influential melodies, progressions and even some Hebrew liturgy with contemporary forms. Lyric centred and often challenging societal norms Segal “reminds of Tori amos, Kate Miller Heidke and Ani Difranco, she’s not afraid to say something.” (Jeff Jenkins ABC)

In between country crossing Shelley regularly creates music which supports grass-roots activists and performs for community activist groups and human rights organisations. Notable releases include the folksy/bluesy ‘Little March’ with legendary guitarist/songwriter Adam Levy (Norah Jones/Tracy Chapman), the aesthetics lamenting ‘Sidelined,’ confronting travel vignette ‘Morocco’ and finally a move to Los Angeles where her songs have been placed in award winning films and with international artists garnering millions of views online.

Andras Jones

ANDRAS (pronounced On-Dross) JONES recently completed work on a new album; “Recognize, De-escalate & De-code” (featuring the teazer single “Absolutely No Sense Of Humor”) which he has been working on, one song at a time, for the last 8 years. The album will be available in the fall. Andras will be premiering some of the tunes from the new record on our show. His last album “All You Get” was released in 2018 and recorded in 2001. Before that, Andras toured and recorded solo and with his band Mr. Jones & The Previous who released albums under their own name as well as Mr. Jones & The Hard Feelings, Mr. Jones & The Fascists and simply, The Previous. You can find out all about Andras Jones, his music, as well as his films, his podcasts, his book and The Radio8Ball Show at

Barrett Wilson

Barrett Wilson is a Los Angeles-based artist and musician originally from southern New Mexico. With a unique blend of genres, he creates a fiery and kaleidoscopic musical experience that defies categorization. His vocal style, reminiscent of Dwight Yoakam, Jeff Buckley, and quite possibly Norah Jones, is paired with a gritty guitar style that blends rhythmic and syncopated fingerpicking with energetic strumming. As a guitarist and singer by trade, Barrett has worked tirelessly to perfect his craft, and it shows in his performances. He is equally at home in the studio or on stage, and has worked as a studio musician, live performer, and sideman for many other artists and singers along with brands such as Fender, Disney, and Apple. In 2021, Barrett spent most of his time crafting a new EP of self-produced home and studio recordings with the help of producer John Would (Fiona Apple) and other LA-based musicians.

A wonderful time we had at the 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA. Thank you, Kathleen Wirt (owner) and audio engineer Andreas Sandnes for your hospitality.

Los Angeles, CA local singer-songwriter Barrett Wilson

Shelley Segal chilling out before the show at the 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica, CA

Singacoustic founder and creator Hani (HG) Gadallah holding a fresh copy of Andras Jones’s new album “”All You Get”. Awesomeness!!

Shelly Segal performing Watershed

Andras Jones talks about his radio show

Frank Caito (L), Barrett Wilson (C) and Andras Jones in a musical conversation at the Singacoustic 5 showcase hosted at the 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, CA

Andras Jones sings about a Clown