Connecting local singer songwriters with fans globally through live-stream recording sessions

Countdown to Singacoustic 3

Hot Buttered Rum Duo Erik Yates on Banjo, and Brian Horne with his 180 years old upright Bass, in an amazing collaboration with Tom Rhodes on Guitar and vocal along with the sweet vocals of Emily Zisman. A song by Tom Rhodes. Hear the full story story behind the song here.

Jon Williams and Dave Haberman from Crawdad Republic in collaboration with Roziht Eve

Roziht & Bowie (#BigHomieDog)

Singacoustic host Ana Sophia Dunham in an interview with Bay Area Singer-songwriter Chris James

Emily Zisman, an amazing singer-songwriter tells a great story behind her new song, The Haunt. Watch the full song here.


An event for the empowerment of local singer-songwriters around the globe

Jon Williams and Dave Haberman, Crawdad Republic

Empowerment and Growth

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Take a peak at Singacoustic Bay Area

Building a global network of singer-songwriters and supporters, one show at a time. Join us

Local Berkley, CA Singer Songwriter

Lindy LaFontaine

Show your support for local musicians. Join us on Discord Singacoustic#4985

Crawdad Republic duet Jon Williams and Dave Haberman

Thank you all for an amazing Singacoustic event

Promote locally, grow globally

Rocky Michaels warming up before his inspiring set.

Music lovers, give a shout-out to your local musicians. Join the community

Local musicians hanging out in a local recording studio

Coming to you live from a town near you

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” _ Bob Marley

Show your Support for your local Singer-Songwriters

Post about your favorite local musician.

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”- Ludwig van Beethoven

Shout out to all the amazing local singer-songwriters, local recording studios, local video production, and local crews. Thank you!

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Connecting local musicians with fans globally through live-stream recording sessions around the world

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A Tribute To Local Singer-Songwriters Around The World
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An event of pure talent and inspiration

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Empowerment and support featuring local
singer-songwriters in local recording studios

Hani (59 of 190)

Think locally and grow globally

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An intimate gathering of local talent and their fans
live-streamed globally

Hani (129 of 190)
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Local musicians. Local recording studios.
Local crew

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